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Cousin Gabe: He is a character.  That’s one way to describe him.  He’s an ex-marine and suffers from PTSD.  He smokes weed and watches movies most of the time while earning money off the government.  Oh and he also joins Sly on the news segment which makes everything we just wrote really funny.  Think about it…ex-marine, hates the government, smokes a lot of weed and talks the news with Sly.  Yeah it gets really funny and has already proven to be controversial.  Cousin Gabe also contributes to other segments as well.  All in all Cousin Gabe brings a raw and authentic feel to the show that you can only get out of a cousin of Sly!

DJ Motive used to be one of the youngest DJs on staff and technically still is.  We say "used to be" simply for the fact that Motive has grown up on the show.  Motive began with The Sly Show back in 2007 and has done some of the best mix-sets The Sly Show has had.  Motive is also known as the *8 BAR KING*, as he's been the main supplier of 8-bar edits to DJs around the world.  Motive can get it done so don’t miss out

Jew News: has been a faithful listener since 2004 when the sly show began, well not 2004 but it’s been a really long fucking time.  He lives in Hawaii and is always in the chat room. ALWAYS.  He has seen it all happen on the show, through all eras of the show.  The early days, the DUI days, the AOB days, etc.  He is someone who could tell you some stories about the show.  All in all he’s a die-hard fan and you can hear us talk about him when he’s interacting with the show from the chat room.

Mateo: Not much is known about Mateo, except for the fact that he used to be a heavy drinker and loves old school music and Breaking Bad.  Mateo can be found on-air from time to time talking to Sly in-studio.  Funny guy to listen to and maybe one day we will know more about him.

Ray Luv is a legend in the rap game.  He has hung with some of the best, like 2pac and Mac Dre.  Sly recruited Ray in 2011 to bring a more grown-up talk element to the show.  When Ray Luv calls up, there will for sure be some mature type of talk going on.  It doesn't get TOO serious though, of course Sly brings a level of entertainment to the conversations.

Unkle Fucker is everyone’s favorite unkle!  (Yes we know we misspelled the word Unkle, that’s what makes it so great!).  He is a typical Unkle, not to Sly, but to someone and he checks in with The Sly Show from time to time mostly during his segment The Sly Show UNKLE FUCKER. He is also a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and Sly likes to talk about that a lot. all in all Unkle Fucker Segment is entertaining.

Uncle Steve: Sly’s blood uncle.  He has had a few strokes and has a history of drug use.  After his 2 strokes he developed a sense of humor and that makes for great entertainment on The Sly Show.  Steve is also a die-hard 49ers fan (along with SFGiants) so that always works on the show.  Check for Uncle Steve being the character that he is only on The Sly Show!

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