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The Sly Show for Amazon & Android: Anyone with an Android or Amazon supported device such as, Kindle Readers, Fire Phones, Fire Sticks, Fire TV’s, can access and run The Sly Show Smart App! Due to Google Play & Apples’ strict and very unnecessary app-policies, we are unable to be featured in the Google Play Store and Apples’ App Store. Additionally, Amazon is considered the 2nd best app store for both Android, and Amazon’s big selection of Smart Phones, Tablets, Tv’s, etc. The Sly Show App is completely free, which makes you, The Sly Show Fan, one click away!  so there it is, all Android &, Amazon users, get your app now, and rate it! Let us know how you like it, Be Honest! Navigate below to grab The Sly Show App!

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ITunes is arguably the leading destination in podcast discovery. Anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any other Apple device, can fetch our content via: The Sly Show on iTunes.


Mixcloud is for DJs and Mixshow DJs alike.  We have been known to pump out some pretty amazing mixshows, so if you would like to access our content via Mixcloud.com/theslyshow

Follow us on Youtube to stay active with all of the videos we are posting!  Everything from Sly Rants, Prank Calls, and some Sly fuckery being all done on video.  Our complete collection of videos are on our Youtube channel, so be sure to subscribe

Audiomack is a music hub where Artists, DJs and fans explore and stream/play sounds from all around the world. Follow The Sly Show via: Audiomack.

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The Sly Show Podcasts are featured on TuneIn.com and has gained over 5k followers. TuneIn Radio considers itself the leading destination for radio shows and Podcasts. You can keep up with our audio content through their website, or by downloading their mobile app, which is available on the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play.

Stitcher is an on-demand internet radio service that has over 2500+ stations, both live and on-demand. Stitcher has mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Palm, etc. Follow The Sly Show via: Stitcher