THE SLY SHOW w/ WALT LIQUOR (01-12-17) Sly and Walt Liquor kicking it and Podcast it up for 20+ mins! Old Sly Show Stories, Living in Los Angeles, Rap/Hip-Hop, When Snoop Dogg Called Walt, 95Live days, plus much more!


True Story: Sly is old as fuck, and he used to live in Los Angeles, and he started doing all this Sly Show stuff back in 2004. Sly catches up w/ Walt Liquor, Sly’s former entertainment Manager, DJ, Bay Area Resident, and they talk about the early days of, and all this all came together. Walt is DJ Cleve’s older brother, so you know Walt has always been like fam! Good Podcast, as Sly and Walt Liquor are on-location from Walt’s Mansion in Fremont, Calif.

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