THE SLY SHOW w/ DJ BHRAMA BULL ( 11-20-17) Sly and Bhrama Bull announce partnership w/ and + talk it up for 60+ minutes!


DJ Bhrama Bull has been a mainstay in the Hip-Hop industry for quite some time now. DJ Bhrama Bull has a Podcast titled, “Gryndfest Radio,” along with a mobile app under the same name. Bhrama’s weekly Podcast is part of DJ Skee’s Dash Radio and through his mobile app, he features some of the best Podcasts out there! Sly and Bhrama go back though. Bhrama has stated that Sly was one of the original Podcasts to interview him, so there’s a high level of respect. We are cordially announcing that and are partners and you can expect tons of cross-promotions, your fav Sly Show content on the Gryndfest App, along with much, much more! Bhrama’s weekly Podcast will be anchored in as an official show to, and some of your fav Sly Show Podcasts, Mixshows, and other content will be heard in the Gryndfest App! Sly and Bhrama talk it up for over 60 minutes, announcing a partnership and throwing fuckery topics around! Everything from: Philly, Hip-Hop Industry, DJing, Producing, Lil Peep, Content, Partnership between the two companies, among other fucking things! Be on the lookout for “Gryndfest Radio” hosted by: DJ Bhrama Bull, now officially part of! Good times, and you can definitly expect more of Bhrama Bull on slew of Podcasts!

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