P-WORLD RADIO (11-13-17) Montana Macks, Sly, Shamay, Speaks, Shauny B, and B-Nasty talk 9Quota Awards 2018!


Montana Macks, Sly, Shamay Speaks, Shauny B and B-Nasty talk about the 9Quota Award Show! Everything from Categories, Nominations, and what “9Quota” means! Spoiler Alert: it’s to shine a bright light on everything creatively/arts-wise, from the 925 area code of Northern California’s Bay Area. TheSlyShow.com via P-World Radio will be doing some live-podcasting at the award show, and we have partnered w/ 9 Quota for this year’s show, as we will be doing lots of cross promotions. All in all, this is a good look! Much more to come! Check out this 40+min Podcast with everything you need to know about this event that turns 6 years old, this year! Yee!

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