JUST BEING EARNEST ( 11-10-17) Dirty Ern and Sly kicking it at the Berkeley Marina, Smoke Trees and Podcast away


Dirty Ern has been part of TheSlyShow.com as a host of “Just Being Earnest,” however, has made numerous apperances on The Sly Show, as he’s lent his similar fuckery-type approach to shows with Sly. These two goons ain’t never met and with what has become something that’s formed organically, so doing an “In-Person” podcast was only evident. For over 60 minutes, Ern and Sly tackle fuckery topics! Everything from: Gorilla Pimpin, Conor McGregor, Kaepernick Kneeling, NFL, Football, Podcasting, all from the Berkeley Marina. Enjoy.

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