JUST BEING EARNEST w/ Dirty Ern and Cleve ( 08-06-17) Colin Kaepernick, Hip-Hop Fuckery, Kid Creole Stabbing Homeless Men to Death, Crack Grandbabies + Much More


Dirty Ern and Cleve connect on a funny, informative and insightful 60-minute Podcast! They talk about a wide-range of fuckery themed topics! Everything from: Cleve’s Birthday at MoJo’s Lounge, Old School Rappers getting in trouble, Afrika Bambaataa molesting children, KRS-One defending him, Kid Creole stabbing a homeless man to death, The Idea of a Hip-Hop Council, Crack Grandbabies, The Reality of Colin Kaepernick, Joe Budden, Rappers who have gone too soon + much more!

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