17 Dubbery’s later…. The Golden State Warriors are 2017 NBA Champions!


Feeling like a million bucks! Dubbery has come to an end, but a good end! For the past 17 Golden State Warriors playoff games, we have offered up a Bay Area hip-hop mix done by Sly and DJ Motive! Let’s be honest, the Warriors have been in the NBA Finals for the previous 3 years and we will probably be back in the NBA Finals for the next three, so these “Bay-Mix-Series,” won’t be stopping anytime soon. In 2015, our Warriors Playoff Series was titled, “The Dub Prep.” In 2016, it was, “Baysketball.” And now, in 2017,  it was, “Dubbery!” Dubbery was fun becuase it started at the beginning of the Playoffs and lasted through the final game! We got creative, as the previous two series’ were mainly a mixture of Bay Slaps, as to where this series featured artist and specialized tributes. DJ Motive was able to contribute on Dubbery 3, as he played nothing but the best! Sheena Marie Bornem also jumped in the fold, as she did some custom Dubnation portraits that can be seen on Dubbery 1, 4, and 14. As far as going beyond “Just a Bay Mix,” Dubbery consisted of the following specialty mixes: a Traxamillion tribute on Dubbery 13, Pittsburg Rappers’ Blaze and Half tribute on Dubbery 15, Vallejo tribute on Dubbery 12, 2Pac tribute on Dubbery 8, IAMSU tribute on Dubbery 5 and finally, The Jacka-Mac Dre-2Pac tribute on Dubbery 1. Dubbery is a success, it began when the Warriors began the playoffs and ended when they won the title. Through these 17 mixes, you’re gonna find some really good music from the Bay. Enjoy & congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, our 2017 NBA Champions.

Dubbery: Complete 17 part series

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