Bob Myers: Living in the NOW and not the WHY. Reasons why he deserves more credit for Warriors’ Dynasty!



Storylines. Lebron. Dark skin Vs Light skins. Referees. Cleveland. Golden State. East Vs West. Bias coverage. Three-point shooting team. Yes, no matter how you cut this shit up, this is what’s been going on for three fucking years. No matter which team you want, a few things must be understood. The Warriors have been on a journey since Joe Lacob took over in 2010, and through the GM, Bob Myers, the Warriors have earned this success and depending on where you look, the actual reasons aren’t even talked about. When you look at the Warriors, you see stars. You got, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the best player in the world, Kevin Durant. With the exception of Durant, the Warriors were developed through the NBA Draft. That’s right, money and Free Agency didn’t bring this squad together. Not only was this team assembled through the Draft, this Warriors team had zero top 5 picks. Again, these things are never discussed! Let’s rewind the tape a little, shall we?

Stephen Curry: Drafted in the 1st round, 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Klay Thompson: Drafted in the 1st round, 11th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

Draymond Green: Drafted in the 2nd round, 35th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Yep. Homegrown as fuck. Never talked about, but the former agent, turned Golden State Warriors, General Manager, Bob Myers deserves all the credit for this ride to the top.

Myers didn’t draft Curry, but everything he’s done from the moment he became GM, has been very championship-like.

After the Warriors failed to handle business in last year’s Finals, the Warriors added Durant, which he has been heavily criticized for. You’ve heard it all, Durant couldn’t beat the Warriors, so he joined them, a new chapter, memes, and more memes, etc etc! The reality is this, in business, if you can add an employee to secure your organization wins, you add them, and add them quick! Durant is proven, he’s an 8x All-Star, Former MVP, Former Rookie of the Year, 4x Scoring Champion and yes, Durant is the best player in the world.

The Warriors failed to win a championship in 2016, and Durant completes everything Harrison Barnes couldn’t do. Barnes was a great Warrior, but he’s no Durant and as a franchise, as a business, Durant makes too much fucking sense. Lebron’s Heat was assembled through FreeAgency, money, ESPN specials, and other factors that have nothing to do with the NBA Draft. Comparing this Warrior team to Lebron’s Heat, or the Lakers in previous years, is fucking disrespectful. Disrespectful, because for the first time ever, the front office made strategic, legitimate picks, added a stellar coach, in Steve Kerr, brought on Jerry West, plus so much more. Everything that Bob Myers has done has been strategic and he is never given credit. All people talk about is Durant joining a team that beat him the previous year, blah fucking blah. This current Warriors’ dynasty is well earned and NBA fans should give a little more respect to the light-skinned, bosses! The tired storylines will continue, even after the Warriors win their title this year, but again, what must be understood is, it all starts from the top! Ownership down to the front office, to the head coach, to the players. You take a look at any successful franchise that has championships, you will see a culture that shows exactly what the Warriors have and will continue to embody. As much as we would like to credit, Steve Kerr and this cast of players, Bob Myers is the real genius of this operation. Cubs, Patriots, SF Giants, became dynasty’s because of their front office, while creating a culture that has leadership and willingness to excel at the highest level. This is far from over, the Warriors are in a position to compete well into the 2020s! The Kevin Durant addition is just a reflection of what those Draft Picks have become, what the Steve Kerr hiring was, among other key developments. The Warriors should take care of business tonight and when THAT happens, you will see a few things: Warrior players popping bottles, Steve Kerr popping bottles, and yes, Bob fucking Myers popping bottles! Everyone has their perspective on why they root for the Warriors, but I like analyzing things and understanding the how more than the why. This Warriors team is solid, though. I applaud Bob Myers, but as much as Bob Myers deserve the credit, so does Joe Lacob. Lacob made some real risky moves during the development, and as much as I love what Myers has done, I equally respect what Lacob has done. All in all, it’s a great time to be a Golden State Warriors fan and knowing the how is always better than knowing the why. Most NBA fans only think about the why and through all of that, Bob Myers was living the how all along and that’s what champions are made of.

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