THE SLY SHOW w/ BOSSILERA ( 06-08-17) Sly catches up w/ Bossilera, plays new song off her album “Bossi Mentality” + an extended convo!


Bossilera is a rapper, clothing designer, hair stylist, and entrepreneur. Sly has known Bossilera since roughly 2010, as she made a lot of appearances back then. It’s been a few years since Sly and Bossilera have touched base, so this was a refresher, for both Sly and Bossilera. They talked about Bossilera’s new album, Bossi Mentality, among other random as fuck things! Everything from: The Origins of Fuckery, Facebook, Lebron James being a Bitch,, and yes, her new album! Great conversation and a sneak peak at what’s in store with Bossilera’s new album. Bossilera is one of our original regulars and Sly appreciates her giving the time, after all these years!

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