THE SLY SHOW w/ BLAZE ( 06-06-17) Trolls, Colin Kaepernick, Bitches w/ Big Foreheads, The No Invite Podcast, Dubnation, Supporting Each other


Blaze is a rapper and a podcaster. Sly catches up with Pittsburg, California, rapper Blaze! Sly and Blaze blast off Blaze and Half’s new single, One of Them Nights, along with a 60 min conversation! Blaze is always a great guest, as he’s never shy to offer his perspective. Sly and Blaze talk: Colin Kaepernick, Trolls, The No Invite Podcast, Dubnation predictions, Bitches with big foreheads, supporting each other, plus much, much, more!

Buy Blaze and Half’s new single, One of them Nights on Apple Music

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