THE SLY SHOW w/ MIKEY MO THE MC ( 06-05-17) Dubnation up 2-0, NBA Finals, UFC 212 Recap, Racism, Evil Social Media + much more


Sly and Mikey Mo The MC talk it up for 60+ minutes! Everything pertaining to: Dubnation, Kevin Durant, NBA, Ratings, Racism in America, UFC 212, Jose Aldo, Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson’s letter to the UFC, Bellator, Hip-Hop, Mayweather, Social Media,  McGregor, Creative, Doctors being full of shit, plus much more! Great episode for those who watched UFC 212 and have been following along with the 2017 NBA Finals. Wasn’t just sports talk, this podcast was an open discussion to a slew of fuckery!

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