THE SLY SHOW w/ BARRIO 2 BARRIO ( 06-04-17) Sly talks to No Love aka “Barrio 2 Barrio,” Venice Ca, Barrio Culuture, La Mission Movie, Going to New York, Gentrification, Nike Cortez


No Love aka: Barrio 2 Barrio is a historian, documentarian, journalist and entrepreneur. It’s been a few months since we last spoke with him, but as always, information is never lacking with No Love! Sly and No Love talk for over an hour about a whole slew of topics! Everything from: Nike’s lackluster attempt at marketing Nike Cortez in 2017, Movies, Gentrification, Gay Cholo Murals, OGS vs IGs,  No Love’s New York Trip, La Mission Movie, Z-Boys from Venice, Documentaries, Mayans TV Show, Barrio Culture, and plus much, much more! Always a great conversation!

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