POISONOUS COOKIES | MIXED BY CLEVE, Mac Dre, Lil Bruce, Ya Boy, Casual, RBL Posse, E-40, Guce, The Jacka


SOB x RBE – Can’t tame us
SOB x RBE – Different
J Stalin – 9-5
Lil Bruce – Mobbing in my old-school
Mac Dre – Boss tycoon
Ya Boy / rich rocka – Fresh to Death
Casual – Nickle and Dime Gangsta
Cutt throat committee – Money is Motive
Rbl – Blue bird
Slim – So fly
Mac Dre -Since 84
Dubee – my thang
E40 – dusted and disgusted
Mac Dre – what u got for me
Guce – project lover
Mac Dre – never seen
Mac Dre – thizz dance
Jacka girls say

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