P-World Radio (Talk About it Tuesday’s) 03-28-17 w/ DJ Motive, Montana Macks and Sly all discuss everything pertaining to “The Indian Trailer” Mixshow!


The Indian Trailer is a mix show done by DJ Motive, features: Montana Macks, Dubb 20, Rydah J Klyde, The Jacka, Husalah, + other notable rappers to come out of Pittsburg, California. You can get THAT in our online shop for $10, don’t fucking sleep. The Indian Trailer was originally intended to be a promo mix, released on TheSlyShow.com, but we have since re-released it and is no longer available for free. There’s been stories discussed about how the Mix came together, and what the “Indian Trailer” actually was. All of that and more is covered in this week’s edition of, “Talk About it Tuesday!” Sly, Montana Macks and Dj Motive breaking shit down, and having fun with it.

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