JAVIFORNIA ( 03-16-17) Sly and Javi Picazo crack off, Javifornia Podcast! Random Conversation, a little game, a little fuckery, Overstanding!


Javifornia is a project that features some of the best music from Javi Picazo in a themed-mix, which is done by DJ Motive. Cop that. But, Javifornia¬†is now being extended and taking on a life of its own through a Podcast that will be exclusively produced by TheSlyShow.com. In Today’s debut episode, Sly and Javi talk it up, pretty much about everything, from: Politics, Chem Trails, Business 101, Javifornia¬†Project, Bay Shit, what to expect in future episodes, plus much much more. Entertaining, Informative and yes, Fuckery.

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