Parley with Mikey Mo (03-13-17) Sly and Mikey Mo talk about some real life thangs!


Mikey Mo Tha Mc is an established Rapper, Videographer, and Father! He’s much more, but he’s an old school kinda guy, to say the least. Parley with Mikey Mo will be a show dedicated to him and everything that comes with him. He’s served time as a Marine, Toured with some of the best rappers to ever do it, and loves some fucking WRESTLING! In the debut episode of: “Parley with Mikey Mo,” Sly and Mikey, talk it up, about some random topics such as: New York Rappers, Queens NY, Rappers, PTSD, Stay Winning Cleve, Eclipse 427, Las Vegas, Cartoons, PTSD, Afros, + Much More

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  1. I know this guy from his time in the 206. He was the one that got me loving east coast music to this day .Genuine and real as fuck. Look forward to listening to more of what he has to say.

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