Brane Damage ( 02-23-17) UFC/MMA, 49ers, Hip-Hop, Soccer, Wu Tang, McGregor vs Mayweather + More


Brane Damage is active. Sly and Brane have done a variety of Podcasts over the past few years and after a recent appearance, and the launching of specialized programming, Sly has green lit a Podcast that will be done w/ Sly and Brane. Most shows will be primarily Sports talk, but this is The Sly Show, and whatever goes down, will go down. Brane is a sports fan, as Sly is so that’s mainly what will go down during future editions of Brane Damage, but this is The Sly Show and whatever comes up, will come up. In tonight’s debut episode, Sly and Brane talked UFC, 49ers, Wu-Tang Clan, Fuck Jay-Z, Fuck Dana White and other fuckery alike. Good times, 2 hours of non-stop talk. Informative and Entertaining.

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