DJ Motive: 10 years on The Sly Show!


Let’s jump in a time machine, shall we? The year is 2007 and Sly is living in Los Angeles, Sly’s been doing this thing called “The Sly Show” for roughly 3 years. At this time, The Sly Show is a popular online radio show that is heard by lots of fucking people. So, here’s the scenario: Sly has a mutual friend who knows someone who knows someone else, who knows a young DJ. Yeah, that sounds right! That “DJ” is none other than DJ Motif / DJ Motive / A guy who drinks lots of red bull, smokes weed, likes to fuck bad bitches and wears white t-shirts every day.

So, on a nice morning in Laguna Beach where Sly was currently vacationing, Sly reached out to DJ Motive and asked if he would like to join “The Sly Show,” Motive immediately said “fuck yes,” and was eager to start submitting mixes, to be heard on This was before podcasts, before on-demand content, before this bullshit hip-hop era that we are in. This was 2000 and fucking 7! Through the years, and there’s been lots of years, DJ Motive has remained loyal as a DJ, and has made countless appearances, gotten high, drunk and has seen the development of what has become “”

The Sly Show started out as a place to do a radio show, however, these days offers up high-quality original content that is heard by millions! Motive is the only DJ who is still active on our roster, from them early days, and that says a lot. DJs have come and gone, but Motive has always embraced whatever Sly was doing, whether it was Video Streams, Live Shows, Podcasts, and yes, even the “Pop Music era.” The Pop Music era is something that if you were around in 2009, you would know of, but if you weren’t around in 2009, don’t worry about it. We will save that story for a rainy day.

Today, DJ Motive has a new born son and has completely grown into a young man in his late 20s. Motive grew up on, listening to The Sly Show, seeing the SF Giants win 3-world titles all while being part of Being real, loyal, and “About your Shit” is often thrown around amongst millennials, but DJ Motive has really been about that life! started out as a place to feature a raw and uncut radio show, and today is a full-fledged media platform that offers original content. The main recipe/original idea will always be intact through “The Sly Show,” its flagship program. however, these days so much more!, offers themed content through DJ Mixes, Compilations, and Blog posts while being represented through high-quality promotional images and for the most part, is a fully developed media platform. Headed into 2017, The Sly Show active as ever, which is standing by its new motto: “Original, Perspective andFuckery.” has lots of plans that are set to take off in 2017, and DJ Motive will be right there to see it all go down, as he’s seen everything go down for the past 10 years!

In 2016, DJ Motive tackled 20 mix shows and made roughly 10 appearances on the live show. Not bad at all! Especially juggling the responsibilities of a new born baby, and everything else that has tested him in 2016. Around 2012, Sly wanted to start offering different forms of content, offering a wide-range of original content such as, TV Show Reviews, Sports Recaps, and other forms of content that were separate from the flagship program. Motive was very excited to be part of the Live Show, but also started creating custom mixes that paid tribute to Rappers, Different Regions, which became pieces of content that stood on their own two feet. “The On-Demand era” kicked in full swing, and Since 2012, DJ Motive has done over 90 mixes that have been consumed by fans around the world. The development of has been something that Motive could see as a fan, and as a contributor! The Sly Show has become something no one thought, but with a keen knowledge of technology, Sly has been able to set the bar on how original content should be consumed. Something That not many credit Sly for creating, is 13 years old, and DJ Motive has been rocking with us for 10 years! Much Props to that guy!

Some of Dj Motive’s mixes from 2016 include: tribute DJ Mixes to: Outkast, Balance 510, Kevin Gates, J Stalin, The Game, DJ Quik, plus much more. DJ Motive plans to end 2016 off with a mix that pays tribute to Oakland Rapper “J Stalin.” With that mix, that puts him at an even 20-mixshows on the year. Not bad at all, DJ Motive gets it in! Motive has branched off and is making beats now! He plans to release some beat projects through The Sly Show Shop in 2017! “I’ve seen Motive grow as a person, and as someone who is highly creative individual. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this guy, I really credit his loyalty to our brand, guys and girls have come and go, but he’s still here asking what’s next, that’s the fucking homie! A True Sly Show loyalist” Sly says. Be Sure to keep up on all of DJ Motive’s mixes by going to:

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