(The Sly Show 08/31/15) Monday, Turtles, Mamas and Papas, Hot Weather, Hood as fuck, A.D.D., 100 Topics a day, Sidechicks, Boardwalk Empire



Monday Monday Can’t trust that day
10 am in the morning time
where we at?
60s mixshow coming really soon
Appreciating 60s music
turtles, animals,
August 31st – closing off right man
Mamas and the Papas – Monday Monday
August is fucking done
Hot Weather needs to leave my front-door step
anything new and exciting in your life
did you accomplish anything this weekend?
doing a drug.
Weekend Warriors
Sly doesn’t have enough coffee
Sly that fuckin straight outta compton movie last night
Compton, Sly goes in review mode
Eazy E, Ice Cube,
Sly does Biggie Voice
Unauthroized Full House Movie
Los Angeles
La Ligadelle
Stars and shit
Sly talks about if you ever go to Los Angeles
Homless people in Los Angeles
Hood as fuck
Beverly Hills
I got A.D.D. as a muthafucka
100 topics a day – Mike Sal
yup we do man, we do.
Sly talks Compton Movie
Sly got the bootleg
We got Files
Boardwalk Empire
Sidechick Slaps
Im not a dj, i just know how to do it
It aint even TBT
Who does a fucking sade mix?
Devin The Dude Mix
Mixes Mixes Mixes
Kenny G on The Sly Show
Tinashe vs Nardwuar
Dej Loaf’s mom
2 pac – me and my girlfriend
Jay-Z remakes
O’shea Jackson
Ice Cube – No Vaseline
Straight outta compton
Sly tries to call up angel smith
Ice Cube Mix
Sly jumps in the mix:

Cypress Hill – If i Could just kill a man
Petey Pablo – Freak a Leek
ODB – Hey Dirty
Warren g – get you down
B-Legit – Like that
Slick Rick – Childrens Story
Hoodstarz – How We Do
Messy Marv – So Hood
Ice Cube – No Vaseline

Starbucks Instant Coffee
Crushing up grounds
Snorting Coffee
Philz Coffee
DJ Motive doing it big out there
Sly show is whatever happens, Happens
Ice Cube’s Son
Dr. Dre the DJ
Gamestop Employees
Nando Padilla
Trench Coat Mafia
You can’t dress like a wrestler
WWE Theme Songs
NFL is scandalous as fuck
Gangster as fuck
Oldies Mixshows
Sly gettin a lumia
People who take you to intervention

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