THE SLY SHOW ( 02-05-15) Mac Dre Death, Random shows, Radio Classes, Amateur Podcasts, Sly was the first to have a smart phone


Sly talks more about The Jacka
Mac Dre death
Sly reflecting and says what it is
Sly Show thursday night
Random as fuck live show
its a friday show?
Sly talks about england
Its friday in england!
Sly can’t do england accents
Radio Classes
Sly talks about howard stern
Broadcasting vs Podcasting
Amateur ass podcats making us look bad
Sly talks about the superbowl
Sly couldn’t see any of that shit
Bob Dylan is still alive
everyone else is dead
Frankie Carbone Wants to sue the simpsons
Sue Happy
Sue The Jew
ever met her?
Slys friend wants to be an extra in the apple movie
Future. Time Travel shit
Sly def was the 1st to ever have a smart phone
Sly embrces French Montana
Def one of sly’s favorite rappers
Sly starts coughing
Drinking a monster energy
Youngin energy
Sly Show Fans
Sly plays some jacka songs ( 2 of his fav)
60 min show, thursday, we out

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