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theslyshow: Native jew in the billin!!!
native jew 1: happy 4the everyone
native jew 1: we up in this mutha fucka
native jew 1: gettin drunk as fuck
native jew 1: hey u fuckn mexican play the fuckin show drunk or drunk the show must go on sue the jew!!!!!
princesskilla: bossie dat shit doe
princesskilla: boosie*
Thefuckyousay: Omfg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this is great
Thefuckyousay: you said Durant bahaha
Cali: not-guilty
dabslob: awwww sheeeet
princesskilla: Genius!
djmotive: where my people at
djmotive: we need to get it poppin in here
Ftt: Dj motive!!!!!
native jew: wud up dj motef
theslyshow: Angel the Jew
Anonymous584: wud up
theslyshow: yo yo yo
Anonymous715: poppin
Anonymous879: What up ant its Rich zamora
Anonymous879: Get that hus space music
Anonymous879: 211
Anonymous879: Stand by me when they was hitting the mail boxes with the bat
Anonymous879: Need some husalah asap
Anonymous879: crazy
Anonymous879: Space ship music husalah!!
Anonymous884: Man I can't get this to work no more maybe I need a new phone. Mike Sal
theslyshow: LMAO
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